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Housing Call: May 3, 2022

Federal updates

  • Lawmakers are engaging in informal talks about a potential reconciliation package that would include key priorities on the Democrats’ legislative agenda. Senator Schumer called the talks “preliminary” and no one is sharing details. A lot of the effort will be dedicated to determining what issues will garner support from everyone in the party, particularly Senators Manchin and Sinema. Senator Manchin reiterated that his priorities are combating inflation and reducing the deficit. When asked directly about the status of housing investments in a future package, Manchin and other democrats have been noncommittal, saying that if they move forward with a package, it’s going to be significantly slimmer than Build Back Better.

State updates



We will not have a Housing Call next week (5/10). We look forward to seeing you virtually at our Bringing It Home: Ending Homelessness in NC conference on May 10-11!

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