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Do you help people find secure, stable housing? Then you should join our HUD-approved Intermediary Network.

Regardless of where your agency falls in the housing spectrum – from homelessness to foreclosure intervention – you should join us! Why? Because we are the regional HUD-approved intermediary for North and South Carolina. That means we assist agencies like yours across both states to leverage HUD funding and resources.

What are the benefits of joining our network?

  • Technical Assistance.  We provide personalized, tailored responses to all your hard-to-answer questions. That means we can provide clarification on HUD regulations and offer advice about program implementation. When you become part of our network, you can focus on your mission more and administrative tasks less.
  • Compliance monitoring.  When your organization joins our network, we assume the primary HUD grant compliance and oversight responsibilities. That means your staff can devote more time to your core mission and operational issues. We also help with your HUD system reporting and other client management software systems.
  • Regional training resources.  We can help you and your staff prepare to become HUD Certified Housing Counselors. We offer 3-day study sessions at different times throughout the year, across North & South Carolina.
  • Access to quick answers.  Do you have technical questions? Reporting questions? Compliance questions? Just pick up the phone. We’re here for you. When you become a member of our network, we’ll help you find answers to tough questions – fast. We’ll also share best practices and other resources.
  • A network of peers.  Don’t struggle alone. If your agency is wrestling with a challenge, it’s likely that another agency in the network has already found a solution. All you have to do is ask a network of like-minded peers!

If you are interested in becoming a part of our HUD Housing counseling network program please contact us at

NCHC Intermediary Network Map

The NC Housing Coalition wants to help YOU by providing information and resources that will assist you as you work with NC & SC home buyers, homeowners and others as they strive to secure safe and stable housing. Agencies who are part of our network include community development corporations, housing development corporations, financial education and counseling organizations, housing authorities, and community action agencies.

Many thanks to our sponsors