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The Coalition:

Is the voice of the affordable housing industry in Raleigh and in Washington DC.  During these difficult budgetary times, having effective representation at the table when policy is being made is critical and the Coalition is effective.

$54 million  Over the last 2 years alone we have helped to secure state funding for affordable housing development and preservation across North Carolina.

Strengthens the affordable housing industry by building local affordable housing coalitions, helping communities get the resources they need for affordable housing, and by raising public awareness of the critical issues facing the industry.

$75 million  Through our local policy and advocacy work, we have helped several communities pass new bond issuances to finance affordable housing development and helped key municipalities create affordable housing strategies that incorporate best practices and that will shape their strategies for years to come.

As a member, you can help to ensure that the Coalition continues to have this kind of impact.

Provides unique value to its members.  

In addition to benefitting from the Coalition’s policy advocacy, and its work in communities across the state, members get:

  • exclusive access to Housing Matters, the most timely and informative resource on developments in the affordable housing sector in our state;
  • discounts on our annual conference;
  • access to the expertise, training and certification processes provided by The Association of Housing Counselors; and
  • exclusive purchasing discounts through HPN Select to reduce construction and operational costs.

Offers access to capital, as well as technical assistance, to affordable housing developers through our strategic partnership with the North Carolina Community Development and Initiative Capital.

Many thanks to our sponsors