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Leading a movement to ensure that every North Carolinian has a home in which to live with dignity and opportunity.

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Housing Call: September 26, 2023

North Carolina Lawmakers Quickly Pass a Delayed FY 23-25 Budget

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  • How Biden’s goal to boost Black homeownership could be undone by a new mortgage rule

    Politico | 08/31/2023

  • The intimate connection between housing and education

    WFAE | 08/30/2023

  • Communities and Colleges Partnering to Address the Affordable Housing Shortage

    National League of Cities | 08/28/2023

  • Small Multifamily Homes Were Disappearing. Now States Are Scrambling to Revive Them

    Bloomberg | 08/26/2023

  • This City Made Developers Build Affordable Housing or Pay Up. They All Paid.

    Vice | 08/23/2023

  • The average home mortgage interest rate now tops 7%, the highest in 20+ years

    WUNC | 08/22/2023

  • \'Poor living conditions\': Durham residents complain of mismanagement at senior living facility

    ABC11 | 08/07/2023

  • To spur affordable housing, the federal government is selling land for dirt cheap

    Housing Wire | 08/04/2023

  • Economists Support Nationwide Rent Control in Letter to Biden Admin

    Vice | 08/03/2023

  • Withering heat is more common, but getting AC is still a struggle in public housing

    NPR | 08/01/2023

  • How the pandemic spurred a housing crisis in cities across the nation

    Politico | 08/01/2023

  • The state of housing on the Outer Banks: Part One

    The Coastland Times | 07/29/2023

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