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Welcome to the new Housing Matters 2 NC Podcast with the latest news and information for the housing movement in North Carolina. With changes that impact your work happening daily, we're here to make sure that you stay up to date on the news no matter where you are. The podcast will include the audio from each week’s Housing Call that we host every Tuesday at 9:30 AM, so if you are unable to make the call, you will have another chance to listen in.

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Published on: Tuesday November 29, 2022

Federal Updates Negotiations over a final fiscal year (FY) 2023 spending bill picked up last week among Appropriations Committee members. Congress has until December 16 to enact a final FY23 … Continued

Published on: Tuesday November 15, 2022

NCHC Updates No housing call next week. Happy Thanksgiving! Election Updates Federal Democrats will maintain control of the Senate. Republicans are favored to maintain control of the House, with a … Continued

Published on: Tuesday November 8, 2022

Federal Updates Today is Election Day! If you haven’t already, make a plan to cast your vote in the midterm elections. Voter information, including polling places and your sample ballot … Continued

Published on: Tuesday November 1, 2022

Federal Updates Midterm Elections. We’re one week away from Election Day! NC early voting continues until 3 pm on Saturday, Nov. 5. Polling places in NC will be open on … Continued

Published on: Tuesday October 25, 2022

Federal Updates HUD is proposing to remove the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), the typical benchmark interest rate at which major global banks lend to one another as an approved … Continued

Published on: Tuesday October 18, 2022

Guest Speaker Shawn Heath, Director of Housing & Neighborhood Services, City of Charlotte Federal & State Updates Things remain quiet in Washington while incumbents are busy at home campaigning for … Continued

Published on: Tuesday October 11, 2022

Federal Updates On Friday, the Biden-Harris administration provided an update on progress towards implementing their Housing Supply Action Plan. The announcement included two important updates for housing tax credit developers. … Continued

Published on: Tuesday October 4, 2022

Federal Updates On Friday, President Biden signed the stopgap funding legislation in order to avert a government shutdown before 9/30/2022 at midnight. The Senate approved the measure on Thursday after … Continued

Published on: Tuesday September 27, 2022

Federal updates Congress has until Friday, Sept 30 (the end of FY 22) to pass stopgap spending legislation to avoid a government shutdown. The Senate is expected to vote this … Continued

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