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UPDATED: Spring 2021 Housing Counseling Trainings

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added two disaster trainings to our 2021 Housing Counseling Trainings schedule. Disaster Prep will take place on July 14th, and Program Management for Disaster will take place on July 15th. We will be offering these courses for $25 each, or $40 for both courses. Registration will open later this spring.

The North Carolina Housing Coalition is pleased to announce our upcoming series of housing counseling trainings in partnership with NCRC. These intensive trainings are designed to equip housing counselors with tools and best practices to address essential housing counseling topics such as homeownership, foreclosure, and mental health. For each half-day course, participants who attend and pass a final exam will earn a certificate that can be counted toward TAHC recertification. 

The series begins on February 18th with “Effective Rental Counseling.” This five-hour training will provide housing counselors an opportunity to learn how to do rental counseling from start to finish all from the convenience of their computer. This course was created to make sure the counselor and housing agency are in full compliance with HUD and National Industry Standards for rental counseling. Read the full course description and register here.

Following “Effective Rental Counseling,” the Coalition will be hosting foreclosure training on April 21st, mental health training on May 4th, and homeownership training on June 16th. Registration for each training will open prior to the training date, although non-Coalition members have the opportunity to purchase registration for all four courses now. 

These trainings are free to all members of the North Carolina Housing Coalition (please note: members must be logged into their Coalition account to access free member registration). For non-members, each training is $25, or $75 for all four trainings. Click here to register for “Effective Rental Counseling,” or click here to register for the four-training package

For questions about these upcoming trainings, contact Stacie Darden at or 919-800-0878. For registration questions, contact Haley Solomon at or 919-827-4492. 

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