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Partner Profile: NC Budget & Tax Center

Partner Profiles are our way of highlighting organizations that we work with both in general and on specific campaigns. The North Carolina Housing Coalition values partnership–we would not be a true coalition without the numerous individuals, community groups, and organizations that contribute to our housing movement and ecosystem, and more importantly strive to make North Carolina a better place to live and thrive with dignity and opportunity in a number of different ways.

The NC Budget & Tax Center (BTC) is a nonpartisan organization that has worked for over 30 years to document fiscal and economic conditions across North Carolina, with a mission of building a state where every person can reach their full potential and achieve well-being through the support of trustworthy, anti-racist institutions and systems that we all participate in building. BTC became an independent non-profit organization in 2022, and recently celebrated their one year anniversary

As BTC’s Executive Director Alexandra Forter Sirota shared at the anniversary celebration, “The Budget & Tax Center exists to bring timely, credible analysis to the policy conversations in North Carolina and to connect with people and communities across the state about the barriers and opportunities that could unlock greater well-being.” 

There are four key opportunity areas in which the NC Budget & Tax Center prioritizes their advocacy:

  • Budgets that meet North Carolina’s growing needs and expand equity of opportunity;
  • Tax policy that helps us build durable, trustworthy public institutions and asks the very rich and corporations to pay what they owe;
  • A people-centered economy that recognizes a sustainable and healthy economy requires public policy; and
  • A collective commitment to a social safety net that makes sure people have what they need and in turn advances our humanity

The partnership between NCHC and the NC Budget & Tax Center began through a shared interest in supporting policies and budgets that respond to the growing need for affordable housing in our communities. Recently, the Coalition co-wrote a full policy brief with the NC Budget & Tax Center on how dedicated revenue sources for the Housing Trust Fund could generate millions of more dollars for affordable housing in North Carolina. We have also worked together on proposals to create more equitable and effective property tax policies. We are proud to call the NC Budget & Tax Center a partner and are excited to continue broadening our coalition because we know that no one issue is truly siloed. 

We see the key areas of the NC Budget & Tax Center’s advocacy and mission as complementary and necessary intersections to housing, with documenting fiscal and economic conditions in communities to support the advancement of solutions to poverty and pursuit of racial equity as a necessary component to ensuring safe, stable, affordable housing for all North Carolinians. As we build coalitions across sectors to advance the mission of NCHC, partners like the NC Budget & Tax Center prioritize the vital intersection of affordable housing and fiscal and economic conditions; with the goal of pushing statewide legislative wins that ensure that every North Carolinian has a safe, quality and affordable place to live.

Keep on the lookout for more information on how to engage with us around advocating for resources that meet the scale of the need. If you’re interested in learning more about the NC Budget & Tax Center, click here

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