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Housing Call: September 26, 2023

NCHC Updates

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Federal Updates

  • The Continuing Resolution proposed by House lawmakers last week did not advance and little other progress has been made towards a spending agreement that would avert a government shutdown on Sunday. Some conservatives are seeking deeper spending cuts, which caused CR negotiations to stall. House Republicans will try to pass a handful of appropriations bills this week that would fund parts of the government for the full fiscal year. According to Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the House plans to vote on these appropriations bills today (Tuesday). Meanwhile, the Senate will begin work on its own short-term spending bill, aiming to send it to the House by the weekend, hours before current spending laws are due to expire.
  • We are four days away from a potential government shutdown. Even short-term shutdowns have immediate consequences for HUD programs and the people and communities who rely on them. Many affordable housing development projects would be forced to freeze.
  • ​​184 local governments signed on to a letter that was delivered to Congress, urging lawmakers to support the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (AHCIA). The letter shows broad local support for expanding and strengthening the Housing Credit. The legislation has broad bipartisan support, with 170 cosponsors in the House and 28 cosponsors in the Senate. It’s estimated that the legislation could result in nearly 2 million additional affordable rental homes over ten years.


State Legislative Updates

  • Last week North Carolina lawmakers released and voted on the FY23-25 state budget after over two months of delay. Votes were held late last week and the budget passed on Friday. It was an incredibly dramatic week, with a version of the budget leaked to the press on Monday (this is the version we used for our first post about it) and then the final draft released after 4pm on Wednesday afternoon, with votes happening immediately on Thursday and Friday. Government Cooper has announced that he will allow it to become law without his signature, and that Medicaid Expansion will launch on December 1, 2023. We have updated our budget charts and will release a full comparison this week on the investments in affordable housing, community development, and homelessness.
  FY 2023-2024 FY 2024-2025
Workforce Housing Loan Program (WHLP) $35,000,000 NR $35,000,000 NR
Housing Trust Fund


Supportive Housing Development Program

   Providing Housing for Homeless Veterans


   Providing Housing for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

$10.66 M – R








$10.66 – R








HOME match    
Key Program (DHHS) $8,268,538 $8,268,538
TCLI – Transitions to Community Living Initiative (Across All DHHS Divisions)

Transitions to Community Living Initiative

$83.8 M


$83.8 M


LIEAP – Low Income Energy Assistance Program $67.8 M $67.8 M

 We take a deeper dive into our latest legislative update that focuses on the FY 23-25 budget. You can find that post here.

We anticipate there being a need to pass a technical corrections bill to address some items in the budget and will update our budget charts accordingly. For now, no votes are expected to take place this week or next, until October 9, 2023.


Local Community Updates

  • In Dare County, municipalities are voicing opposition to a provision in the state budget that would limit the towns’ ability to regulate housing developments and enforce zoning regulations. The provision specifically applies to $35 million in state funds that were allocated to build affordable housing in the county.
  • Residents of Chatham Estates mobile home community appealed to candidates running for Cary Town Council for help at a voter forum last week. The mobile home community is up for sale, and there are few other affordable housing options available nearby. The residents, many of whom work at local businesses, asked candidates to do more to enable them to stay in town. All of the candidates in attendance publicly agreed to advocate for the residents. Over 600 people attended the candidate forum, which was hosted by ONE Wake.
  • Beloved Asheville is building a tiny home community with the goal of providing deeply affordable housing opportunities. The 12 tiny homes will eventually be leased to individuals earning less than $17,000 and/or families earning less than $25,500. Monthly payments will serve as equity investments, not rent, and will go toward community ownership of the 12 homes. If a resident moves out, they will get back whatever equity they put in. The tiny home community is expecting to open applications in October.
  • Durham City leaders broke ground on 132 new, affordable apartments to be located on Hardee Street. The community will target renters at 60% AMI and below, with rents ranging from $440-$1,320 per month.


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