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Housing Call: September 19, 2023

NCHC Updates

County Profiles & NCHC Resource Feedback

We want YOUR  feedback – give us input about County Profiles as well as what other advocacy and policy resources and tools would be helpful for you.

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Register for 2023 NC Housing Works – October 23-24, 2023 at the Raleigh Convention Center– Early bird registration closes on September 22 THIS FRIDAY  –


Federal Updates

The Senate is still preparing for a Vote on the HUD Funding Bill – efforts to do so stalled last week when the Senate tried passing a “minibus” made up of three FY24 spending packages – with the THUD bill being one of them. A vote is expected on the THUD spending bill this week.

House Republicans released a Continuing Resolution that would drastically cut HUD funding. Over the weekend they reached an agreement through a proposed CR that would extend government funding for 30 days, in exchange for slashing non-defense spending by 8%. The U.S. Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense would remain funded at current levels, and also includes a border security bill championed by House Republicans. The proposed CR does not include the White House’s supplemental funding for FEMA disaster relief efforts.

The Senate is aiming to pass all 12 of the Senate’s FY 24 spending bills through the chamber by October 1, even though the House and Senate may not be able to reach an agreement on any of the bills by the deadline.

As a reminder, continuing resolutions or CR’s are short-term spending measures used often to extend government funding. There is widespread agreement that this is needed in order to avoid a shutdown (they have until September 30th). Typically CRs maintain the previously appropriated year’s level of funding for federal programs for a specific period of time which gives lawmakers more time to reach an agreement on appropriations bills for the upcoming fiscal year (FY). However, the danger here, is that because the cost of housing and development continue to rise – and do so every year – without additional funding, people who rely on HUD’s programs for “safe, stable housing will be in danger of losing their assistance”.

Federal Advocacy Opportunity

  • Contact your senators and representatives and remind them, urge them to expand and not cut investments in affordable, accessible homes through the FY24 spending bill.
  • Use this link here to automatically contact them and support top national housing priorities for funding housing and homelessness programs in FY24.
  • Your organization can sign on to the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding letter by clicking


State Legislative Updates

We have a draft budget! But… it is unclear if there are sufficient votes, or if this is the version that they intend to vote on on Wednesday.

After meetings over the weekend, it looks like the House may be prepared to vote on Wednesday and Thursday. They have separated legalization of gaming in North Carolina into a separate bill, but are structuring  it would have to pass in order to trigger the expansion of Medicaid. The 49-page legislation is called HB149: Gaming and Medicaid Modifications, and includes video lottery terminals and casino proposals, as well as a third section that stipulates that Medicaid expansion won’t go into effect until the passage of the combined bill, House Bill 149.

Here is what we have seen in the 611 page draft version of the proposed FY 23-25 budget for key housing appropriations:

  • $35 M for each year of the biennium for the WHLP
  • $10 M for the Housing Trust Fund for each year of the biennium – to pay for supportive housing development and housing for homeless veterans
  • $13.2 million for each year of the biennium for the LIHEAP Weatherization Program
  • $83.8 M in each year of the biennium for the Transitions to Community Living Initiative
  • The budget also includes allocations to several local habitat affiliates across the state, for FY 23-24 as well as specific projects in cities like Rocky Mount.

As we continue to dive into the budget and learn more we will keep everyone posted.


Local Community Updates

Chapel Hill Town Council passes Affordable Housing Investment Plan last week. This is the first combined, comprehensive affordable housing plan and investment strategy plan in the town’s history. The plan is intended to serve as a guide for the town’s affordable housing policies and investments over the next five years. The plan is aimed at expanding their existing affordable housing toolkit while also centering racial equity in housing within Chapel Hill.

Guilford County is hosting several open sessions for the public to provide feedback on the county’s comprehensive plan for 2040.

Mecklenburg County’s HOMES grant application period is open until 11/1/2023. The Helping Out Mecklenburg homeowners with Economic Support (HOMES) Program is returning for another season beginning July 1 – November 17. This year, the County partnered with the City of Charlotte to provide additional grant funding to qualifying residential homeowners to help address the rising costs of retaining their homes.

The NC Housing Finance Agency is still advertising the NC Homeowner Assistance Fund. The NC Homeowner Assistance Fund is close to exhausting the remaining funds, which are available to homeowners who were affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and fell behind on mortgage or housing related expenses for more than 30 days.

Buncombe County is still operating its Homeowner Grant Program a recently approved new initiative aimed at helping qualified homeowners. Grantees, if eligible, can choose to have their grant funds applied to their property tax bill, any city municipality taxes, and/or applied to other housing related obligations. Payments are made directly to the source of the approved bill. Households must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income.

Kerr-Tar Regional Council of Governments opens its Urgent Repair Program – Warren County government announced that the Kerr-Tar COG has been awarded $264,000 by NCHFA under the 2023 Urgent Repair Program cycle to assist residents in Warren, Franklin, Granville, Person, and Vance Counties. The program will finance emergency home repairs for homeowners who are elderly or have special needs and whose incomes are below 50% area median income for the area.


Reports & Resources



  • Asheville Housing Fair is happening this Saturday September 23 – hosted by the Land of Sky Association of Realtors – The event will also mark the formal rollout of a new Affordable Housing website with resources for renters, homeowners, landlords and anyone else who would like information about access to or creation of affordable housing. You can also grab a copy of the 2023 Affordable Housing Guide which includes a list of affordable housing developments in the area, related resources, and other helpful information on topics such as fair housing and discrimination. The guide is available in both English and Spanish.
  • Guilford County Commissioner Chair Melvin “Skip” Alston to deliver 2023 state of the county address this week, Wednesday September 20th 


In the News

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