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Housing Call: November 30, 2021

Federal updates

  • The House of Representatives voted to advance the Build Back Better Act, including more than $150 billion in investments for affordable housing and provisions for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit and Neighborhood Homes.The House vote had been delayed by moderate Democrats who wanted to see the bill’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score. The CBO estimated the 10-year cost of the bill to be $1.68 trillion.The $1.75 trillion economic recovery package is now headed to the Senate, where changes are expected. Advocacy is still needed to get Build Back Better over the finish line and there is some concern that housing could be a vulnerable area if changes are made. After passing the Senate, the House will need to vote a final time before sending the bill to President Biden for his signature.
  • S. Representative G.K. Butterfield announced he will retire from Congress: Rep. GK Butterfield announces retirement, setting up wide-open election in Eastern NC | Raleigh N&O
  • After punting the decisions earlier in the year, lawmakers in Congress need to both fund the government past the current December 3 deadline and raise the debt ceiling before the US defaults on its debt: Congress is facing a December time crunch. Here’s what to expect | Vox

North Carolina updates



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