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Housing Call: August 25, 2020

Around the State

House Bill 1200 (Foreclosure Prevention / Rental & Utility Assistance)

Please continue to reach out to NC General Assembly members.

In particular, please contact the following state Senators:

Need to Expand Unemployment Insurance:

Tell Senators Burr and Tillis to extend federal Unemployment Insurance supplement

Ask Governor to Provide Utility Shutoff & Arrearage Support:

Stop OCC Rule Change on “Rent-A-Bank” Schemes:

City of Greensboro Approves New Process:

The fix is in: Hundreds of Greensboro houses are in disrepair. A new program may save them.

Reminder: Comments on the Draft 2021 QAP are due tomorrow, Wednesday 8/26 @ 5pm:


HUD – FY21 Fair Market Rents (FMRs) – Comments or request reevaluation by September 30


Brookings Institution – Using a down market to launch affordable housing acquisition strategies

United Way NC – Self-Suffiency Standard for 2020 

Enterprise Community Partners blog – In a Pandemic, Housing Instability is a Pre-existing Condition

NC Housing Coalition – Interview with Josie Williams, Executive Director, Greensboro Housing Coalition – Wednesday 8/26 @ 1pm

Register here:

Many thanks to our sponsors