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Action Alert: Keep Housing in the Build Back Better Act

This week negotiations continue in Congress over the Build Back Better Act. As initially promised, the Biden Administration is committing to hold this reconciliation package with the Infrastructure bill that is also being negotiated. Nationwide infrastructure and economic recovery must include funding for the most important family needs, like housing, childcare, and environmental protections; and advocates continue to push to keep these issues a priority.

The Build Back Better Act’s $327 billion for affordable housing includes:

  • $90 billion to expand rental assistance to 1 million of the lowest income households;
  • $80 billion to repair and preserve public housing for over 2.5 million renters; and
  • $37 billion for the national Housing Trust to build and preserve 330,000 rental homes affordable to people with the lowest incomes.

This week, contact NC Democrats in the US House, and urge them to keep the full amount of funding proposed for affordable housing. These investments made in the Build Back Better Act will be transformational to the lives of North Carolina families, and ensuring the full amount of housing funding is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve the outcomes of so many.

Rep. Alma Adams (12th Congressional District): (202) 225-1510
Rep. G.K. Butterfield (1st Congressional District): (202) 225-3101
Rep. Kathy Manning (6th Congressional District): (202) 225-3065
Rep. David Price (4th Congressional District): (202) 225-1784
Rep. Deborah Ross (2nd Congressional District): (202) 225-3032

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