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ACTION ALERT: Housing Relief Bills Filed

A flurry of bills were filed Tuesday, May 26 as the General Assembly’s filing deadline arrived. For affordable housing stakeholders, two House bills were filed providing resources to keep people stably housed and to bolster the continued development of affordable housing. Here is some brief information on both bills: 


House Bill 1200: Foreclosure Prevention Grants/Rental & Utility Assistance
This bill directs $200 million from federal CARES Act funds towards assistance for both homeowners and renters. The bill includes $100 million for foreclosure prevention and $100 million for 6 months of rental and utility payment assistance. The measure also includes funding for housing counselors and legal services. For those who follow the Coalition’s weekly Housing Call, this is the bill we have been anticipating.

House Bill 1208: Funding for Workforce Housing Loan Program
This bill provides $20 million in non-recurring general funds to the Workforce Housing Loan Program (WHLP) for the 2020 housing credit funding cycle. 

House Bill 1200 is similar in scope to two bills filed earlier in the Short Session by Rep. John Autry and Rep. Yvonne Holley –  H1134 and H1135 – which would also direct federal funds to provide $100 million each to foreclosure prevention (H1134) and rental/utility payment assistance (H1135) programs. 

The time is now to register your support and build the momentum to see these measures passed. Here are 5 things you can do:

  1. Call/Email your State House Members: Encourage your Representative to support rental, mortgage, and utility relief for North Carolinians. Click here to locate your Representative and their contact information.
  2. Call/Email your State Senators: These bills are starting in the House and they will need broad support from the Senate in order to be passed by the General Assembly. H1208 is now in the Senate and will soon have a hearing. Contact your Senator to let them know that housing needs are urgent and vital to enduring and recovering from this pandemic, physically and financially. Ask them to support H1208. Click here to locate your Senator and their contact information.
  3. Tell Sponsor that your Organization Supports H1200: If your organization is able and willing to publicly sign on in support, reach out to Rep. Szoka’s office. 
  4. Say “Thank You”: If you live in the following areas, let your Representative know that you appreciate their leadership in recognizing the urgency for housing assistance and development during this crisis and their work to file legislation. Also, thank Rep. Lambeth for recognizing how important the WHLP program is to affordable housing development. Contact information can be found linked to each Representative below.

    1. Cumberland County – Rep. John Szoka
    2. Lincoln County – Rep. Jason Saine
    3. Mecklenburg County – Rep. John Autry
    4. Wake County – Rep. Yvonne Holley
    5. Forsyth County – Rep. Donny Lambeth
  5. Let us know what feedback you get: It is incredibly helpful in our advocacy efforts to know what you are hearing from your elected officials. If you make contact, please fill out the following form and let us know what you hear. 

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