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Policy Brief: Dedicated Revenue Sources for the NC Housing Trust Fund

In every county and every neighborhood in North Carolina, people need safe homes for themselves and their families where they can afford to pay their rent or mortgage without cutting back on other needs like healthy food or doctor’s visits. State funding for affordable housing can help make this a reality, and the NC Housing Trust Fund (HTF) is one the best tools that North Carolina has to support a variety of housing needs across the state.

This policy brief was jointly written with the NC Budget & Tax Center a non-partisan organization that works to document fiscal and economic conditions in communities to support the work of people, organizations, and government to advance solutions to poverty and pursue racial equity.


Advocacy Opportunities
Your voices matter — now is a perfect time to call, email, or write to your state senators and representatives.

  • Explain that with a dedicated revenue source for the Housing Trust Fund, we could make transformative investments in affordable housing.
  • Ask them to fund the Housing Trust Fund at $50 million, with recurring dollars for Fiscal Year 2023-24 and Fiscal Year 2024-25.
  • Explain why affordable housing matters to you and your organization.

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