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In an effort to draw greater attention to the issues surrounding affordable housing, it is important to increase public awareness about these issues on a regular, ongoing basis. There are many issues to explore, including educating people about the need for affordable housing, reducing the fears associated with affordable housing, and countering the common obstacles to developing affordable housing.

By continually communicating with media, legislators, advocacy groups and service providers, among others, we build a reservoir of goodwill and understanding. It is also important to routinely communicate with state and local agencies, the religious community and those in the health, social welfare and education fields—as well as the general public. Keeping housing issues on the front burner is key to building momentum and increasing awareness throughout the year.

The following strategies, guidelines, messages, tips and materials should be used to help create an effective campaign for year-round communications about affordable housing in your community:

  • Focus broader issues back to housing;
  • Avoid using terms such as low-income to describe individuals and families in communications and materials;
  • Present clear, common-sense solutions when communicating about the problem of affordable housing;
  • Be prepared to substantiate information and facts;
  • Focus on the needs of young adults, working families and other sympathetic groups such as children, teachers and people on fixed incomes;
  • Emphasize collaboration in solving the problem;
  • Promote the positive themes of family, community and opportunity, but also actively work to neutralize fears and concerns.

NC Housing Coalition Communication Manual

The above information is taken from our Housing Communication Manual. The goal of this Manual is to provide affordable housing advocates and concerned community leaders the tools to conduct a meaningful and successful public education initiative about affordable housing. Download the full NC Housing Coalition Communication Manual.

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