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Housing Call: May 28, 2024

NCHC Updates  

There will be NO Housing Call next Tuesday – June 4th!


Federal Updates

  • The National Low Income Housing Coalition urges advocates to comment in support of HUD’s recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, “Reducing Barriers to HUD-Assisted Housing.” The proposed rule would make important changes to HUD’s existing screening regulations for applicants with conviction histories or a history of involvement with the criminal-legal system. The proposed changes would reduce unnecessary barriers to HUD-assisted housing that too often prevent people impacted by the criminal-legal system from accessing housing. The deadline for advocates to submit comments is June 10.

This recently announced funding is part of the Green and Resilient Retrofit Program (GRRP) under President Biden’s Investing in America agenda. This program has now awarded more than $610 million. The grants and loans will keep more than 14,000 properties housing low-income individuals, families, and seniors safer and more comfortable, especially during extreme weather events.

This new funding has been made available via non-competitive funding available to HUD’s state and local fair housing agencies across the country through the Fair Housing Assistance Program (FHAP). FHAP is an intergovernmental partnership between the Federal government and state and local agencies to provide protection to the public against discrimination in housing. Funding supports investigations, education, and outreach activities.

Last week on May 23, $10.5 Million in competitive grant funds were announced as available for agencies to plan transit-adjacent development for the FTA – Federal Transit Administration’s Pilot Program for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Planning, a program that supports local planning and investment near transit hubs to promote sustainable, livable, and equitable communities, with a special focus on projects that also plan for affordable housing.


State Updates

State Legislative Updates

We met with:

Rep. Caleb Rudow

Sen. Graig Meyer

Rep. Julie Von Haefen

Rep. Jason Saine

Sen. Steve Jarvis

We talked about:

  • Investing in the Housing Trust Fund, making WHLP recurring
  • Allocating remaining SLFRF/ARPA dollars and budget surplus to housing
  • Considering planning for the future of disaster recovery/resilience
  • Supporting intentional coordination at the state level for housing functions and resources


Calls to Action

Grow the NC Housing Trust Fund: Enhance this critical and versatile pillar of our housing ecosystem to ensure it can meet the diverse housing needs across North Carolina and function as a true statewide resource.

Make the WHLP – Workforce Housing Loan Program a Recurring Allocation:  Increase the allocation for the WHLP and ensure its sustainability by establishing it as a recurring allocation. This will better support the development and preservation of affordable housing, particularly in our rural communities.

Prepare for the end of Disaster Relief Dollars: Plan for long-term sustainability by leveraging the expertise and lessons learned from recent disaster responses. Improve our state infrastructure so that our state will be equipped to respond better in both disaster and non-disaster times.

Support and consider how to improve statewide coordination of housing functions and resources to optimize resource allocation, reduce duplication of efforts, and address housing needs more comprehensively.

Meetings of Interest this week


Local Updates



Reports & Resources


In the News

Led by the Colorado Homes for All coalition, organizers, and advocates have successfully won For Cause Eviction (HB 24-1098) through the state legislature, which will benefit hundreds of thousands of renters in Colorado. This law went into effect April 19, 2024, and prevents discriminatory and retaliatory evictions and lease non-renewals.

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