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Housing Call: June 23, 2020

Call Notes:

Around the State

HB 1208: Funding for Workforce Housing Loan Program – Signed Into Law 6/19

Update: HB 1200  ($200 million towards mortgage, rental & utility assistance)

    • Bill is being stalled. General Assembly members in both chambers have decided to scale back the amount of CARES Act money that is rolled out right now. 
    • There is some talk about legislators waiting to see if federal government will allow states to use CARES money for filling budget gaps due to decreased revenue caused by the overall decline in economic activity
    • Right now does not look like the HB 1200 will be moving this week


  • Continuing the push for HB 1200


    • Please contact state senators:
      • In particular, Senate Republicans need to hear from constituents about the need for this assistance and how it impacts housing providers and their ability to meet their financial obligations. 
      • The list of Senators and their contact information can be found here. To figure out who your Senator is, you can find out on this site


Eviction moratorium expires 



NLIHC Sign-On Letters for additional national housing resources


Contact Senator Thom Tillis about the need for emergency rental assistance


Moving Forward Act (HR 2); $1.5 trillion infrastructure package


Federal Housing Administration (FHA) & Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) announced on June 17 a two-month extension of its foreclosure and eviction moratorium through August 31, 2020, for homeowners with FHA-insured single family mortgages. 




BBC News: Coronavirus: Why US is expecting an ‘avalanche’ of evictions


Princeton University’s Eviction Lab. – Pandemic Eviction Tracking Tool


NC Women in Affordable Housing Network (NCWAHN) 


This Week’s Guest: 

Janae Moore

Director of Government Affairs

Apartment Association of North Carolina


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