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A Special Message to Our Members

First and foremost, we want to thank you for all the ways in which you have supported the Coalition over the years. Without your hard work, advocacy, and financial support, we would not be able to share the latest news through Housing Calls and Policy Updates, advocate at the General Assembly and Congress, or create resources such as the County Profiles. 

Later this month, you should receive a renewal reminder for your 2022 membership dues, which are critical to the financial support of the Coalition. We appreciate you supporting us in this way as we continue to lead a movement to ensure that every North Carolinian has a home in which to live with dignity and opportunity. Growing the movement is the focus of our new strategic plan, and we recognize that in order to build an effective housing movement, we need to deepen the way that we engage with both you and the community-at-large. For this reason, the NC Housing Coalition is moving away from membership as the paradigm through which you support and engage with us. 

What will change?
Really, not much. Organizations like yours are the lifeblood of this coalition. We will continue to rely on your financial support and your voice as advocates. And you will still be able to rely on us for the things you’ve come to expect from us like our conferences, timely news, policy updates, resources like our County Profiles, and advocacy. Also, those who renew their membership in 2022 will retain their benefits until their membership expiration date in 2023. 

Why the change?
We are trying to set a bigger table as we seek to grow the housing movement in North Carolina. This means setting a place at this table where people and organizations who may not be professionally engaged in affordable housing work but care deeply about it feel like they have a home here.

Beginning in 2023, your financial contributions will no longer be considered membership dues, but will still go to support the ongoing work of the Coalition of which you are a critical part. In the New Year, we will be reaching out to you to discuss how we can better partner with you in leading an impactful affordable housing movement in North Carolina. I know you have questions, and we encourage you to reach out to our Development Director Jessica Griffin at

Thank you again for the work that you are doing and for your continued support. We look forward to working together in the New Year and talking with you soon about how you can work more deeply with us as we ensure every North Carolinian has a home in which to live with dignity and opportunity.

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