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The mission of the North Carolina Housing Coalition is to lead a movement to ensure that every North Carolinian has a home in which to live with dignity and opportunity. The coalition meets its mission by convening, resourcing, and mobilizing affordable housing professionals, communities impacted by a lack of affordability, and the broader public to pursue policies at the local, state, and federal levels that improve the supply, quality, and access of affordable housing in North Carolina.

Agenda Setting Process

This agenda setting process began in October 2022 with the formation of a Policy Committee. Staff released various surveys to collect feedback from the committee and broader coalition network on priorities and strategies for the 2023-2024 Policy Agenda. The committee developed the agenda based on the areas highlighted in the agenda released in 2021, and feedback received throughout the process. After this hybrid engagement approach through surveys, stakeholder conversations, and committee meetings, the agenda listed below was approved by the NCHC board of directors in December 2022.

2023-2024 Policy Agenda

Priority Area 1
Advocate for reliable, dedicated, and coordinated public resources that meet the scale of the housing need. 

Priority Area 2
Support housing policies and resources that keep families in their homes and allow communities to thrive. 

Priority Area 3
Promote equitable access to housing and opportunity that reckons with our long history of racist housing policies and practices. 

Priority Area 4
Ensure that local policies facilitate an adequate supply of quality housing accessible across a community’s income spectrum.


Key Strategies for the 2023-2024 Policy Agenda

In order to move these priority areas forward, NCHC plans to continue advocating for, mobilizing around, and engaging in education around several of the following strategies throughout the upcoming year. 

Our policy agenda and key strategies for 2023-2024 align with four key themes: Funding, Supply, Access, and Capacity.

Federal Advocacy 

  • Advocate for the passage of the Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act.
  • Advocate for and provide information on the impact of special purpose credit programs on underserved populations. 
  • Highlight the importance of first-generation homeownership efforts – and the plan in North Carolina. 


We want to extend a special thank you to the participants in this year’s policy agenda development process and on our policy committee. Whether you filled out a survey, had a separate meeting with staff, sent your thoughts via email, or participated on the committee, your engagement is very much appreciated. We can’t wait to hit the ground running with you.


NC Housing Coalition Policy Committee 2022-2024

Sofia Crisp

Housing Consultants Group

Lee Cochran

Laurel Street Residential 

Ted Edwards

The Banks Law Firm

Lea Henry

Two Rivers Development Partners, LLC

Alexandra Forter Sirota 

NC Budget & Tax Center

Logan Harris

NC Budget & Tax Center

Brandy Bynum Dawson

NC Rural Center

Torie Keeton 

NC Rural Center

Bill Rowe

NC Justice Center

Claire Williamson

NC Justice Center

Demarcus Andrews

Center for Responsible Lending

Rochelle Sparko

Center for Responsible Lending

Gregg Warren

DHIC, Retired

Natalie Britt


Stephanie Williams


Tiffany Gladney

NC Child

Jacquie Ayala

Habitat for Humanity, Wake County

Mitch Rhodes

Habitat for Humanity of North Carolina

Mark Shelburne


Lesley Allbritton

Legal Aid of North Carolina

Ryan Fehrman

NC Coalition to End Homelessness

Debra Susie

NC Coalition to End Homelessness

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