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This Affordable Housing Primer provides important information and resources for individuals, particularly persons with disabilities, their advocates, families, and service providers. Funding for the second edition of this Primer was made available through the NC Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Affordable Housing?

Chapter 1 defines affordable and supportive housing and describes the need for advocating for more affordable housing, and important agencies associated with providing affordable housing.

Chapter 2: Rental Housing

Chapter 2 looks at rental housing as an affordable housing option, how to access affordable rental housing, being a good tenant, and describes the major subsidized housing programs.

Chapter 3: Fair Housing Basics

Chapter 3 focuses on reasonable accommodations and modifications, and fair housing laws.

Chapter 4: Homeownership

Chapter 4 looks at homeownership as an affordable housing option, how to know if you are ready to buy a home, first-time home buyer programs, the Section 8 Homeownership program, Habitat for Humanity, Individual Development Accounts, buying a manufactured home, and programs that can help you stay in your home.

Chapter 5: Affecting Housing Policy

Chapter 5 describes how to positively affect affordable housing policy, and focuses on public awareness campaigns, housing needs assessments, how to advocate for housing policy, and opportunities for advocacy.



If you would like a hard-copy or Braille version of the Affordable Housing Primer, or have any questions, please contact us.

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