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SALARY: $64,647.00 – $103,436.00 Annually
OPENING DATE: 07/20/17
CLOSING DATE: Continuous
Hiring Range:  $64,647 – $84,042
Work Hours/Days:  8 am – 4:30 pm  /  Monday – Friday

The purpose of this position is to manage activities of the City’s housing program. This is accomplished by assisting with administrative projects and policies, overseeing loan projects and publicly funded grants, and coordinating departmental programs. This senior-level project management work includes leading, directing and coordinating work that is professional and administrative involving housing programs, projects, homeownership programs, homelessness programs, policies and related activities. Also plans and manages the construction of multi-family and single family dwellings and other community development initiatives. Other duties include creating and maintaining program files and ensuring proper qualifications and compliance for loan recipients.

  • Monitors loan programs and recipients for compliance with laws and regulations by collecting expenditure reports; reviewing data compliance; providing technical assistance; and researching for changes in regulations for housing programs.
  • Oversees program budgets by maintaining a tracking system for loan and grant payments; reviewing invoices for accuracy; overseeing cost deadlines; and ensuring loan progress.
  • Executes grant and loan contracts by reviewing and assessing applications for funding; preparing contracts after formal review; and meeting with recipients to review terms and conditions.
  • Provides technical support to contracting partners by developing working relationships with recipients to ensure open communication and providing regulatory documents.
  • Manages multiple team members and provides Technical Assistance to projects under Goal 1 Strategy Team; prepares Request for Proposals and related solicitations; executes procedures and workflow processes; manages pre- construction meetings; coordinates infrastructure and predevelopment activities; integrates financing mechanisms and policy tools per the Assistant Director of Strategy; and manages budgets and compliance requirements during project development.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • Five or more years of related experience.
  • Supervisory experience.
  • Valid North Carolina Class “C” Driver’s License “or” if you currently have another state driver’s license, must obtain a valid NC driver’s license within 60 days of hire.
  • Experience in Public Sector Management;
  • Experience in Project Management or Construction Management, Meeting Facilitation;
  • Experience in Urban Planning, Multifamily Development and Preservation Strategies;
  • Experience with Preparation of Bid Packages, Budget Management;
  • Experience with Mixed-Financing and Cross-Cutting Federal Requirements;
  • Experience with Federal Programs Management (HOME, CDBG, HOPWA, ESG).

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