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Housing Manager 

Primary Purpose of Position
The Housing Manager is responsible for assisting the Director of Transitions to Community Living (TCL) with developing housing strategies for Cardinal Innovations and managing non-TCL housing staff.  The Housing Manager is responsible for the Cardinal Innovations external “Housing Plan” as well as developing and implementing an internal housing plan to provide housing resource support for other Cardinal staff (i.e. Access, Care coordination, Utilization Management).  Experience with Federal and NC housing systems and partners, direct knowledge of HUD related system (HMIS, eLoccs), direct housing practice, management skills, and project management skills are essential to this position.

Responsibilities and Duties:
The Housing Manager is responsible for (though not limited to):

Housing Strategy:

  • With assistance from Director of TCL, develop Cardinal Innovations Housing strategies that optimize our role with improving the housing and other social determinants of health needs of our members. Strategies must address needs of all healthcare populations (MH/SU/IDD).
  • With assistance from Director of TCL, develop, implement and maintain the Housing Plan for Cardinal Innovations.
    • Coordinates and assists in TCL and other housing projects to support the implementation and improvement of a robust national standard-driven Care Coordination Department, using evidence-based care to achieve improved health outcomes and improved member experience.


  • Recruitment, hiring and direct supervision of housing staff.
    • Provides regular supervision for all members of the housing team using 1:1, both face-to-face and via phone call and team conference calls and meetings
    • Develop and update procedural practices for Housing team (Emergency capacity funds, management of HUD grants)
  • Ensures that housing staff are most effectively utilized to meet needs of organization.

HUD Grants:

  • Responsible for oversight of all Cardinal Innovations HUD grants and manage all internal HUD related processes.
  • Manage performance of HUD grant vendors to ensure maximum utilization of rental assistance for each grant and maximum drawdowns of administrative and support-service dollars.
  • Attend HUD and COC meetings as needed and help represent Cardinal Innovations in external housing meetings

Internal Housing Resources:

  • Develop and implement internal housing strategy so that all Cardinal staff can use Housing Team as a resource

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Working knowledge of NC Housing system (NC HFA, DHHS housing initiatives) with particular understanding HUD grants

  • Management experience preferred
  • This position requires exceptional interpersonal skills, highly effective communication ability, and the propensity to make prompt independent decisions based upon relevant facts and established processes.
  • Problem solving, negotiation and conflict resolution skills are essential to balance the needs of both internal and external customers.
  • The employee must be detail oriented, able to independently organize multiple tasks and priorities, and to effectively manage workload under pressure of deadlines.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office products (such as Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) is required.

Required Education, Training and Experience:
A minimum of five years of post-degree experience performing housing related duties. Working knowledge of NC Housing system with particular understanding HUD grants. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university/college is required.  A Master’s Degree is preferred.  Additionally, the employee must possess intermediate knowledge and proficiency in Microsoft Office products (such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.).

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